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Movie streaming is a way of watching movies on your computer, phone, or TV. You can pause, go back, or move forward as you watch. The source of the movie could be a server in a workplace, but in the home it will normally be from a website. In the old days you would rent a movie and carry it home; now the movie comes to your home directly.

As internet connection speeds improve, streaming movies will also be offered to consumers in HD formats. Until recently connection speeds were too slow to do high quality streaming, but it is now possible. Sites like Hulu.com and MovieStreaming.com offer streaming movies, and there are pay services like Netflix, Blockbuster, and many more. Movies are often called 'on demand', meaning you get to watch them when you are ready. The other kind of streaming is 'live' streaming, which you get with racing or sports events.

As wireless speeds improve, you will be able to see streaming video content on your mobile phone. Many countries are ahead of the US in this area. Streaming mobile video means you can truly see things when you want, and where you want. Data plans can be expensive so shop carefully. Smartphones like the iPhone and Android will give the best mobile streaming experience.

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